Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hail Storm Rocks - But the garden persists..

Jai sai master!!

             It is a hard thing to survive with the summers in Hyderabad. But generally there are showers in the evenings. On such evening some strange and rare thing happened. But before I speak about that let me tell you something. There were beautiful Banana trees, papaya trees, and many such fruit and vegetable trees all over our garden. It was very beautiful and we all were happy about the production. It was full of papayas giving at least one everyday. And then suddenly on 6th of April there was a Hail storm!! I was so sad that i was out of station, but the storm was awesome! It did damage the gardens, but because of nature's grace they were pretty fine.
            In the previous post you have seen a puppy which lives in our garden. In the excitement of hail storm everyone there forgot about the puppy. But it found a shelter under the trees by itself and it was not effected by the hail storm. The video of the storm is attached above have a look at it!!

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